The Dragon’s Bones Station

Dragon’s Bones Shipyard is named after an area in China which is rich in dinosaur fossils.

The station is based partially on the Jupiter Station which orbits Sol 5.

This giant space / starship construction station orbits the 3rd planet in the

Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri) star system, about 60 light-years away from the Sol System.

This station is designed so it has its own fabrication facility and four primary construction dry docks where starship space frames and primary systems are built. A series of secondary docks located near the station are where the final starship assembly and testing is completed.

Ship classes constructed by Dragon’s Bones includes:

• Queen Charlotte Class Destroyers

• Peacekeeper Escorts

• Raven Heavy Tactical Battle-cruiser

• Phoenix Class Antimatter Tender

• Surveyor Class Slip Stream Deep Space Explorer

• Tribal Class Scout

• Prometheus Class Deep Space Tactical Cruiser

• Sovereign Class Heavy Cruiser

• Cretaceous II Class Free-trader - Explorer

• Danube, Red Deer and Yellowstone Class Runabouts

• Nova Science Class Science Ship

This website is to display some of the artwork I have done over the last 15 years on my Macintosh Computer.

I hope you enjoy them!  Jim A Pearson - DIF/DBS





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